Item #: Scp-18316

Object Class: Euclid

About: should be spoken sweetly with scp-18316 can be offensive without saddle
scp-18316 should not be placed in the same room as another scp
should be left alone for 9 days after experiment with scp-18316 always room
it must be cleaned or else it finds respect and can kill someone
found this cleaning event ███ if someone is killed by it, the murdered person goes to hell so care must be taken The first person to go to hell name is ██████
this is found by Dr.███ and captured first human name ███

Special Containment Procedures: should be placed in an area where it can never escape

what is it like: he is like spider but he made with blood he is scary he have no eyes

captain talk with doctor ███ :

Doctor ███ : captain Are you sure to experiment with scp-18316?
Captain: i dont know what i need to do but… he is soo strong im thinked
doctor ███ : Maybe we can stop experimenting with him now because I think we've seen everything.
Captain: what if we could do one more experiment?
doctor ███ : I don't know as if there are no more people to experiment, he kills them all.
captain : I don't want to talk more about this already 1048 173 096 049 they all killed my soldiers you know and we couldn't take a picture of him anyway

(radio turns off …)

report is currently not available only those who enter the D-CLASS in the experiment 18316 killed 56 people in 2███ sometimes scp-18316 eats the person he killed and makes red scp-18316-1
nobody wants to talk about scp-18316-1

Scp-18316 shouting head exploits and he kills

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